Summer Skincare

Summer. It’s that time of year again – long (hopefully) sunny days, balmy evenings spent outside, shorter sleeves and lighter clothing. What’s not to love?

However, summer can play havoc with your skincare, whether it’s hot and sunny all the time, changeable weather here in the UK or you’re jetting here, there and everywhere on holiday. Not to mention finding the right SPF. One that’s the right texture, easy to apply and reapply and still makes your skin feel great. #confusing

Luckily there are great products available to help with the challenges that summer skincare brings which we have tried, tested and can recommend.

Hot weather or having to adapt to different climates or temperatures can stress the skin and cause it to become dehydrated. skinSense Hydranet Bi-Phase Cell Renewal Serum has a light texture, is easy to apply and strengthens, brightens and hydrates the skin. We love it all year round but it is a great addition to your summer routine. (it will also be great as the temperature starts to drop as we move into Autumn).

The Comfort Zone Hydramemory range provides adaptive skin care that keeps your skin hydrated whether you’re in hot sun, colder climes or switching between the two (also known as living in the UK!). The light sorbet gel cream is perfect for daytime and the rich sorbet cream is a wonderful night cream (and winter day time moisturiser).

Comfort Zone is also our must have SPF range – from Water Soul SPF spray (perfect for anyone who goes swimming, sailing, paddleboarding or any other coastal activities) to Sun Soul cream or milk (suitable for face and body) to the incredible Sun Soul Face Cream SPF 30 or 50+.

The Sun Soul Face Cream combines high levels of sun protection with pro-aging peptide skincare. It feels light on the skin and is easily absorbed. Some of our clients are using this over their serum instead of a moisturiser when the weather is very hot (as my skin is very dry I’m still using a moisturiser as well – the key thing is to find out what works for you).

Another hero, must-have product is the Jane Iredale Powder Me Dry Sunscreen SPF 30. This incredible product is 100% mineral powder physical sunscrren and comes in a refillable brush applicator system, and is available in three shades as well as a translucent version. It’s quick and really easy to apply and because it’s dry it’s great if you’re out and about. Perfect for wearing over skincare or on top of makeup, great for protecting the decollete area as well as the scalp and the tops of the ears.

It wouldn’t be right to finish without saying that protecting the skin from sun damage is not just something that happens in the summer…it’s all year round. Baz Luhrman got it right…if he and I could offer you one tip…sunscreen would be it.

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