Great Skin-from the inside out

Great skin doesn’t just depend on the products and treatments we use on the outside – it’s also vital to treat it well from the inside. To help us understand what and how to eat for skin health we’re hosting our first ‘Eating for Skin Care’ event in partnership with the incredible Sally from Mango Wellbeing. As well as helping us understand why what we eat, matters for our skin health, how to control blood sugar and boosting our gut health, she’ll be demonstrating a couple of her fantastic recipes (and you’ll have the chance to taste them!). And of course the alice and ivy team will be on hand to help you and share some new products and ranges that we’ll have in store.

The event is on Thursday 16 May starting at 6.30pm and tickets are £20 (which is redeemable against products on the night). You can get tickets here , pop in-store or by give us a call on 07597 456636.

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